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60th Anniversary Of The Birth Of Papuan State – Betrayal And Resurrection

Opinion – Yamin Kogoya

Birth of Papuan State The 1st of December 2021 marks 60 years since the State of Papua came into being in 1961. In a few centuries, one of the well-known figures who helped shape the identity of this new state was Ortiz de Rates, a Spanish explorer … Read more »

Off To The Solomon Islands: Australia’s Civilizers Get Busy

Article – Binoy Kampmark

A small riot. Unrest. Risk of collapse. All given a ballooning effect and inflated for policy makers across the ocean. Before much time elapses, Australian security forces are skirting off to restore order in their vast watery neighbourhood. It is … Read more »

‘Influenza’ Pandemics In New Zealand’s Past

Article – Keith Rankin

On Tuesday (16 Nov) I was concerned to hear this story on RNZ’s Checkpoint ( National distances itself from ex-MP after video with discredited academic ). My concern here is not particularly with the “discredited academic”, although no academic … Read more »

Why Our Climate Isn’t Jumping For Joy After COP26

Article – Globetrotter

Two major gains took place at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP) in Glasgow, Scotland, which concluded on November 13: the first was that there would be another COP in 2022 in Egypt, and the second was that the world leaders expressed their aspiration … Read more »

COP26 – Full Of Notable Speeches But Short On Outcomes

Article – Syed Atiq ul Hassan

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Sydney, Australia Carbon dioxide (CO2), generally known as a greenhouse gas, is important for life on earth but the excessive emission of carbon into the atmosphere leads to global warming, which in turn has far-reaching … Read more »

Gasbagging In Glasgow: COP26 And Phasing Down Coal

Article – Binoy Kampmark

Words can provide sharp traps, fettering language and caging definitions. They can also speak to freedom of action and permissiveness. At COP26, that permissiveness was all the more present in the haggling ahead of what would become the Glasgow Climate … Read more »

New Zealand Emergency Doctor Warns Of “preventable Catastrophe” From COVID-19

Article – Socialist Equality Group

New Zealands outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant of COVID-19, which began in August, has rapidly expanded since the government began easing lockdown restrictions in Auckland in late September. Active cases have risen from a low point … Read more »

Cheap Grace And Climate Change: Australia And COP26

Opinion – Binoy Kampmark

It was not for everybody, but the shock advertising tactics of the Australian comedian Dan Ilic made an appropriate point. Australias Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a famed coal hugger, has vacillated about whether to even go to the climate conference … Read more »

America, With 4.21% Of World’s Population, Has 16% Of Covid-19 Deaths. Why?

Article – Eric Zuesse

The U.S. has 3.85 times as high a percentage of its population killed from the covid-19 virus as does the entire world. Whereas America has had 2,158 covid-19 deaths per million population, the world has had 617 covid-19 deaths per million population. … Read more »

Covid Immunity Calculus

Article – Keith Rankin

Quiz Questions: Which foreign country or territory is closest to New Zealand by jetplane? Which foreign country or territory had the world’s highest per capita incidence of Covid19 last week? Before giving the answers, I would note that the worst-affected … Read more »

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