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Asylum seeker living conditions on Manus judicial inquiry begins

Living conditions on Manus Island detention centre under investigation. Image: SBS

Human rights violations at Manus Island detention centre under investigation.      Image: SBS

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Report  – By Pacific Media Watch

A judicial inquiry into living conditions and human rights on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea begins today.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Papua New Guinea judge David Cannings had asked a Cairns doctor, Dr Paul Crouch-Chivers, to investigate the detention centre.

Judge Cannings ruled last week that “investigators could not be blocked from the centre”, the SMH reported.

The inquiry comes after Papuan New Guinean police entered the detention centre last month and opened fire, killing Iranian architect and economic migrant Reza Barati, and injuring 77 others.

Last year, New Matilda reported that conditions on Manus Island were “horrific”, with rape, weapon smuggling, many incidents of self-harm and assaults taking place regularly in the detention centre.

Toilets were reported to be overflowing and there was not enough drinking water for those being detained.

Journalists have been prevented by authorities on Manus from visiting the detention centre and from photographing it.

Source: Pacific Media Watch 8513

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