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Manus, Nauru and an Australian Detention Legacy

Article – Binoy Kampmark

It could be called a gulag mentality, though it finds form in different ways. In the defunct Soviet Union, it was definitive of life: millions incarcerated, garrisons of forced labour, instruments of the proletarian paradise fouled. Gulag literature … Read more »

World Bank to prioritise Pacific climate change resilience

Article – RNZ

The World Bank will prioritise climate change resilience when working with Australia and New Zealand on their Pacific engagement programmes. Read more »

Northland, Bay of Islands on Lonely Planet top 10 list

Article – RNZ

The Bay of Islands and Northland have been named by travel guide Lonely Planet as one of the best places to visit in the Asia Pacific region. Read more »

Raging Against the Algorithm

Article – Binoy Kampmark

The founder of Netscape said software is going to eat the world. Tristan Harris, Centre for Humane Technology , June 25, 2019 Read more »

5000 evacuated after PNG volcano erupts

Article – RNZ

More than 5000 people have been evacuated after Mt Ulawun in Papua New Guinea’s West New Britain province erupted yesterday. Read more »

World’s indigenous people gather in New Zealand

Article – RNZ

More than a thousand people from the Pacific and across the globe are in Hamilton for the Native American Indigenous Study Association (NAISA) conference at the University of Waikato. Read more »

New Zealand ‘ticks all boxes’ for trade and travel hub

Article – RNZ

New Zealand should develop a trade and travel hub between China and Latin America, a conference of government and business leaders in Auckland has been told. Read more »

Manus Crisis Reaching Breaking Point

Article – Refugee Action Coalition

Conditions are reaching breaking point on Manus Island. This morning, Monday 24 June, two incidents of self-harm within hours have set the scene for another day of the Manus mental health crisis. Read more »

Soldiers Without Guns

Article – David Swanson

A new film by Will Watson, called Soldiers Without Guns , ought to shock a great many people not because it utilizes a yet more gruesome form of violence or bizarre form of sex (the usual shockers in movie reviews), but because it recounts and shows … Read more »

World Refugee Day: Nothing to celebrate on Manus and Nauru

Article – RNZ

First Person – On this World Refugee Day people throughout the world, from all walks of life are standing beside refugees showing their solidarity and support for their right to live in freedom and safety, writes Manus Island refugee Shaminda Kanipathi … Read more »

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