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Coopting the Beatles

Article – Tikkun

The music of the 1960s had unique expressive power because it both expressed and helped to constitute the deepened sense of meaning and purpose that broke through the surface of the world during that historic upsurge of social being. When the Doors … Read more »

Deputy PM’s Post-Cabinet Press Conference 13/5/19

Article – The Scoop Team

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters held Monday’s post-cabinet press conference, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Paris to chair the ‘Christchurch Call’ talks on terrorism and extremism and social media . The press conference was brief due … Read more »

Silicon Valley Giants Collaborate With The US On Venezuela

Article – Caitlin Johnstone

Whenever you speak out on a public forum against internet censorship, like the recent Instagram/Facebook banning of Louis Farrakhan, Infowars, and several right-wing pundits, you always offend two major political groups. The first group are the power-serving … Read more »

Refugee suicide attempts ‘epidemic’ on Manus Island

Article – RNZ

Suicide attempts among refugees detained on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island by Australia have reached epidemic proportions Read more »

Global CO2 levels reach record highs

Article – RNZ

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth’s upper atmosphere has again reached record highs. Read more »

Closing Military Bases, Opening a New World

Article – David Swanson

In a day and age when many of us are taught to overcome prejudice and behave respectfully toward all, mainstream U.S. media and school texts still habitually portray U.S. lives as the only lives that really matter. Read more »

Samoa probes cryptocurrency-linked churches

Article – RNZ

Two Samoan churches which allegedly invested in a banned cryptocurrency are being investigated for money laundering, the country’s central bank says. Read more »

NZ journalists detained in Fiji

Article – RNZ

Three New Zealand journalists were detained by Fijian police in Suva last night after trying to interview a controversial Chinese resort developer. Read more »

Lei of peace gifted to Christchurch

Article – RNZ

The mile-long lei was gifted to the city of Christchurch in the wake of the mosque terrorist attacks on 15 March. Read more »

Publicised Cruelty: Scott Morrison Visits Christmas Island

Article – Binoy Kampmark

His visit struck a sour note. The Australian prime minister Scott Morrison was making an effort to show he cared: about those intangible things called borders, secure firm and shut to the unwanted human matter coming by sea. The distant Australian … Read more »

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