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Goodbye Gabbard

Article – Binoy Kampmark

The Democratic establishment is deriving some delusionary cheer from it. The line of candidates for the presidential nomination has thinned, many falling out and proceeding, suicidally, to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden. The case of Hawaii Representative … Read more »

Covid 19: Moves that will ‘literally save lives’ among developments for 23 March

Article – RNZ

A country-wide lockdown is announced, more cases of the coronavirus revealed, extended economic support – the latest in the battle against Covid-19. Read more »

Why NZ’s Tough COVID-19 Travel Rules Are Crucial To Protecting Lives At Home And Across The Pacific

Article – The Conversation

New Zealands border restrictions will come with significant job and business losses in the tourism sector, both at home and in the Pacific. But the new travel rules are absolutely necessary to protect the health of New Zealanders and people … Read more »

Pacific Islands Nations Threatened With Disaster By Coronavirus

Article – Socialist Equality Group

The remote micro-states and island chains across the Pacific face a terrifying situation due to the global coronavirus pandemic. While geographically isolated, their impoverished, neo-colonial status, lack of health facilities and dependency on tourism make them … Read more »

Our Vanishing World: Oceans

Article – Robert J. Burrowes

  As the human onslaught against life on Earth accelerates, no part of the biosphere is left pristine. The simple act of consuming more than we actually need drives the worlds governments and corporations to endlessly destroy more … Read more »

New Zealand PM Ardern Boosts Relations On Fiji Visit

Article – Socialist Equality Group

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spent three days in Fiji from February 2427, the first visit by a NZ leader since 2016, and only the second since the 2006 military coup that installed Frank Bainimarama, Fijis current prime minister. … Read more »

Late New Zealand PM Mike Moore Lauded As A “working-class Hero”

Article – Socialist Equality Group

By John Braddock, Socialist Equality Group Mike Moore, a leading figure in New Zealands 198490 Labour government, which initiated the pro-market assault on jobs, living standards and the social rights of the working class, died on February 2, … Read more »

On 22 Short Takes About Super Tuesday

Article – Gordon Campbell

With obvious apologies to the Simpsons.Heres my 22 short takes on the 14 Super Tuesday primaries that combined yesterday to produce a common narrative Bernie Sanders NOT running away with the nomination, Joe Biden coming back from the dead, … Read more »

DNC Scrambles To Change Debate Threshold After Gabbard Qualifies

Article – Caitlin Johnstone

On a CNN panel on Monday , host John King spoke with Politico reporter Alex Thompson about the possibility of Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard qualifying on Super Tuesday for the party’s primary debate in Phoenix later this month. “I … Read more »

COVID-19 Has Now Reached New Zealand. How Prepared Is It To Deal With A Pandemic?

Article – The Conversation

New Zealand joined 48 other countries affected by the novel coronavirus last week when health authorities confirmed the first COVID-19 case . The news prompted panic buying of supplies in some places, but it had long been expected . Read more »

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