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Devastated by disease in the past, Samoa is on high alert after recent coronavirus scares

Article – The Conversation

After recent suspected COVID-19 cases and with repatriation flights postponed, Samoa takes no chances. Read more »

Which Coronavirus Policies Succeed, And Which Fail: N.Y. Times Analysis Confirms Mine

Opinion – Eric Zuesse

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture According to an analysis by and in the New York Times on November 18th, which is headlined States That Imposed Few Restrictions Now Have the Worst Outbreaks , Coronavirus cases are rising … Read more »

New Cyclone Forecasts: Why Impacts Should Be The Focus Of Hazardous Weather Warnings

Article – The Conversation

November 12 marks the 50th anniversary of Cyclone Bhola, the deadliest weather event on modern record. Read more »

New Zealand needs a ‘traffic light’ system to stop COVID-19 creeping in at the border 

Article – The Conversation

With six COVID-19 incursions in three months, New Zealand needs to change its approach to border control to reduce the risk of quarantine staff catching the virus from travellers. Read more »

In 1940, The United States Decided To Rule The World

Article – David Swanson

Stephen Wertheims Tomorrow, The World examines a shift in elite U.S. foreign-policy thinking that took place in mid-1940. Why in that moment, a year and a half before the Japanese attacks on the Philippines, Hawaii, and other outposts, did it become … Read more »

NZ Election Brings In Largest Pacific Caucus

Article – RNZ

New Zealand’s Labour Party will see its largest ever Pacific caucus after claiming a landslide victory of 64 seats in Parliament. Last term’s four existing Pasifika MPs, Carmel Sepuloni for Kelston, Jenny Salesa for *Panmure-thuhu, Aupito William … Read more »

How Pacific Environmental Defenders Are Coping With The Covid Pandemic

Article – Pacific Media Centre

SPECIAL REPORT: By Sri Krishnamurthi of Pacific Media Watch Pacific Climate Warriors – creative action to trigger better responses to climate crisis.                   Image: … Read more »

Aotearoan Origins

Article – Keith Rankin

Over the last month, I enjoyed watching Origins on TV1. Very ambitiously, it looked at the origins of Tangata Whenua, going all the way back to the origins of humanity in Africa. Nevertheless, the final episode in particular bothered me. It presented … Read more »

Cannabis Research Review: What The Research Says About Cannabis Legislation

Article – Luke McIntyre and Chia-Wei Jao and Ben Riorden

Authors: Luke McIntyre, Chia-Wei Jao, Ben Riorden Currently, New Zealanders are voting on whether to legalise cannabis for recreational use. Specifically, the referendum asks New Zealanders to indicate whether they support Cannabis Legalisation and … Read more »

Third leaders’ debate: Ardern and Collins steelier and more combative

Article – RNZ

Power Play – There was a tense edge to the latest debate, where Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins took to the stage in Christchurch in front of a live audience, Jane Patterson writes. Read more »

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