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  1. Why should Australia, New Zealand, EU and Japan control the aspirations of Fijians? Fiji MUST have non divisive, free from institutionalized discrimination policies that are practised in the so called saviours (know it all) countries of Australia, New Zealand, EU and Japan.

    Australia and New Zealand are big bullies and Bainimarama found a way to tell them where to go. They have been openly humiliated and now is the time to support the Fiji Government and produce a True democracy rather than a democracy which has imbedded racism to continue the divide and rule tactics of the colonial past.

    Comment by Deepak — January 21, 2013 @ 1:34 pm

  2. Austalia should take a different stance from New Zealand who have continually been out of step with Canada, India, USA,China and even England about Fiji. The sacking of Government by Fijian Govenor General happened also in Australia. The new constitution being howled about is identical to the NSW constitution where there has been no fuss. Mr Carr has on many occasions has stated he is happy with dialog and progress to date ,so all Australians should be encouraging the genuine efforts being taken towards Fijian democracy and pending elections.

    Comment by Allan — January 21, 2013 @ 5:12 pm

  3. Australia is America’s poodle. Whatever the Americans tell them to do, they will carry out. Australians should mind their own business. I don’t know why they feel the need to poke their nose everywhere. Did they not get enough a$$ whipping in Afghanistan where they were thoroughly harassed by the poorly equipped fighters of Taliban? And i thought Australia was a first world country with well equipped troops! Fiji is for Fijians. Let them decide their own destiny.

    Comment by Oz — January 22, 2013 @ 4:05 am

  4. Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide
    Announced publicly on 25 December 2012, the system of Corporate-Governmental rule has been foreclosed. Legally foreclosed… via one of its own mechanisms. The “Powers That Be” are now the “Powers That Were”. All debt has been erased and corporations – including but not limited to Corporate Governments and Banks – have been foreclosed.
    1) Governments are were Corporations. The Corporate Government phenomenon is not only demonstrated by the way “governments” behave as Beneficiaries (not as Trustees) of the government Trust, but the paper-trail also proves it! The United States, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Japan, South Africa…. and the list goes on…. all are US-based corporate entities, registered as such with the United States Security & Exchanges Commission… and operating as such at our expense. “The system” is oligarchical in nature, in that it is geared only to profit “the few” while the rest of us work to support it. …

    Comment by Phyl — February 24, 2013 @ 2:37 am

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