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  1. The translation made by TAPOL is incorrect.. Bintang Papua never said that McDevitt was the UK Ambassador to Indonesia (They said she was the British Embassy’s Political Section’s Special Staff ) nor claimed that they interviewed her.. It was a report on her courtesy call with the Papua Chief of Police.

    Bintang Papua’s mistake is that they published a conversation that should’ve been off the record and McDevitt was speaking diplomatically to the police chief.. The “fake journalism” is UK Embassy’s denial and TAPOL’s biased translation..

    Comment by Tessa — December 19, 2012 @ 3:30 pm

  2. What is fake is TAPOL’s translation.. Bintang Papua never said that McDevitt was the British Ambassador (they stated UK Embassy Political Section Special Staff), they also didn’t say that they interviewed McDevitt. The story is about her “diplomatic” courtesy call with the Papua police chief.

    Bintang’s mistake was publishing an “off the record” conversation, full of diplomatic pleasentries, but its not off the record if the Indonesian police gave them the transcript.

    Comment by Olivia — December 19, 2012 @ 4:09 pm

  3. Olivia and Tess – who appear to be the same person – yes the Tapol translation is incorrect. On the original WPM version – – this was spotted and corrected by our translators. We have asked for the above forwarded email to be corrected on this site.

    But the UK Embassy has not been reacting to the Tapol mistranslation – they reacted to the article. It is interesting that you know that the police gave BIntang Papua a transcript of an off-the record conversation – how do you know this, as it wasn’t in the article?. Were you there Olivia/Tessa? Because you make it sound like you have inside knowledge.

    Millie McDevitt denied that she ever said those words, and she certainly would not have made disingenuous comments about Northern Ireland. I cannot ethically divulge what was said to me off the record from several senior members of the UK Embassy on Tuesday – to remind you, divulging off-the-record conversations is unethical and is fake journalism – but her quotes are fabrications.

    Furthermore, the Bintang Papua journalist never attempted to check with McDevit if she actually said those words – they just reprinted straight what the police gave to them. Printing a transcript given by a civilian killing police chief who is famous for never telling the truth, without checking – and whilst continuing a ruse that the journalist actually got those quotes from a direct interview – is the very definition of fake journalism.

    Bintang Papua may not have claimed they spoke to her, but nor did the journalist say how the information was come by. That is perpetuating a ruse. Failing to attribute information is also fake journalism. The intimation that all news articles in any outlet carry is that quotes in an article were directly made to that outlet. Otherwise it should be labelled as “xxx said, as reported by”. Not doing that is misrepresentation – again, fake journalism.

    By the way Olivia/Tessa – I should point out your IP address matches the IP address for someone who has just left similar fake comments on West Papua Media, calling themselves “Amber”. One can spot a BIN officer a mile away. Speaking of fake journalists?

    Nick Chesterfield
    West Papua Media

    Comment by Nick Chesterfield — December 20, 2012 @ 3:58 pm

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