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  1. We certainly could do with some ” investigative journalism” with regards to the secretive negotiations involved in the TPPA (Transpacific Partnership Agreement). This “agreement” will move New Zealand into the most dangerous period in it’s short history. TPPA (according to leaked documents) will allow Transnational Corporations to sue the NZ Government ,Companies or citizens for damages (loss of profit) if said “Government ,Companies or citizens” actions result in a perceived “loss of profit” to the above mentioned “Transnational Corporations” !
    Behind closed doors ,with no public oversight 600 lobbyist for the Transnational Corporations are writing this “agreement”.
    An oft used example of possible harm to every single New Zealand resident is the effect this will have on Pharmac .

    Comment by Mick — November 1, 2012 @ 7:50 pm

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