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Gut Crunching For A Cure! #LoveYerGuts

Press Release – Gastrointestinal Cancer Institute

#LoveYerGuts – An awareness campaign for gastro-intestinal cancers is providing a great reason to get down on the floor and do something about it!FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Tuesday 28th March 2017

Gut Crunching For A Cure!

#LoveYerGuts – An awareness campaign for gastro-intestinal cancers is providing a great reason to get down on the floor and do something about it!

The Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Institute (GICI) is launching a challenge for people to participate and to #LoveYerGuts. This will increase awareness of these health issues, and raise funds for critical research to help increase the chance of survival for GI cancers.

Over 5,000 gastro-intestinal cancers are diagnosed each year in New Zealand—more than breast or prostate cancer. Half of those diagnosed will die within 5 years—over 240 people a month—TWICE as many as the COMBINED deaths from prostate and breast cancer.

Participants in the #LoveYerGuts Challenge 2017, use the campaign time to train and commit to do at least 50 gut crunches in five minutes before 5pm on Friday May 5th 2017. Participants can enter as individuals, or as a team building exercise, and raise sponsorship, from as little as 20 cents per crunch, or make a one off donation. Every dollar counts!

Sir Peter Leitch, whose brother died of bowel cancer, stresses the importance of this campaign

“You have got to have had cancer to really understand this. You think it’s a death sentence, but the reality is if you get it early, and you get good treatment and advice, you can survive. My brother died of bowel cancer because he never went to the doctor. This campaign is about raising awareness of the types of cancer, and at the same time raising money to make a difference through understanding these cancers even better than we do now.”

On sign up at participants create a personal LoveYerGuts Challenge 2017 web page, where their supporters and sponsors can be kept aware of how training is going. Everyone can track their own progress in training and their fundraising through their own unique webpage, regardless of whether they start as a superhero, a couch potato or somewhere in between. There are even tips on how to do some crunches to help you on your way when you visit

Over $7,000 in prizes are available for participating in the #LoveYerGuts Challenge 2017, and you could win a trip for two to the luxurious Return to Paradise Resort in Samoa, staying in the Presidential suite with your very own beach! The package includes a couple’s massage, perfect for sore abdominal muscles.

There will also be prizes for the most number of crunches and the weirdest (but safe) location to do your training or your crunch day challenge.

The challenge is open from Monday 3rd April and all challenges must be completed before 5pm on Friday 5th May. Participants can do crunch training anywhere – in the office, in the park, at home or anywhere you can imagine and it only takes 5 minutes!

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Further quotes for usage

“I’m not a survivor, I’m surviving. I’m still technically stage 4 Oesophageal cancer. It’s the new norm which is what really gets to you. You hear the words “you have cancer” and it’s like a hammer blow. I was 45 years old, entering into the best year of my life, then suddenly everything’s gone. It made me realise that you can’t take anything for granted. Tomorrow at best is a wish, because you don’t know if you are going to get it. Now is the only time that you have got, make the most of this moment. Support the LoveYerGuts campaign to raise awareness and critical funds to keep the Doctors, specialists and treatment methods at the top of their game in NZ. We need you to get behind this campaign, because you are helping me, but also the people in the future, who will be living with cancer.” Don Henderson, Entrepreneur, Oesophageal Cancer Survivor.

“We have a large number of patients diagnosed with gastro-intestinal cancer every year but they are not being detected early enough. This is when you get the best opportunity for a positive outcome. We need funding to keep supporting research. I was lucky, my cancer was diagnosed early. Knowledge is power, let’s keep researching and doing clinical trials to make a difference. This campaign needs your support. Jan Robinson, Nurse & Medical Product Specialist. Rectal Cancer Survivor

· For more information, and to sign up go to . People may sign up as individuals or create a team and get your colleagues and friends involved too – makes training more fun, adds a competitive edge and will help raise even more money.

· The Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Institute (GICI) is a charity dedicated to improving outcomes of gastro-intestinal (GI) cancers – collectively, the most common form of cancer in New Zealand, yet they are rarely spoken of. 5,000 gastro-intestinal cancers are diagnosed each year in New Zealand – more than breast or prostate cancer. Over half of those affected, die within five years.

· 13 New Zealander’s are diagnosed with a GI (Gut) cancer each day.

· 8 New Zealander’s die from GI (Gut) cancer each day!

· GICI was founded in 2009 by Professor Michael Findlay, bowel cancer survivor Grant Baker, and pancreatic cancer survivor Paul Hargreaves.

· Gastro-intestinal (GI) cancer is a broad term used to encompass cancers of the digestive system: the oesophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas and bowel.

· Funds raised by the #LoveYerGuts Challenge 2017 50 crunches in 5 minutes will help clinical trials and research to increase the chance of survival for those diagnosed with GI (gut) cancer(s).

· GICI awards research grants to New Zealand hospitals and healthcare professionals; to help keep world-class doctors in NZ, assist with research for new treatments and surgical procedures, and run clinical trials. Participating patients gain early access to leading-edge (non-chemotherapy) treatments and combined therapies, whilst the specialists provide research-driven care of the highest quality.

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