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600 to 700 Kiwis helping Kiwis at Christmas

Press Release – Life Centre Trust help spread a little cheer to those in need in our communitiesMedia Release

27 November 2015

National Volunteers Day! 600 to 700 Kiwi’s helping Kiwis at Christmas – help spread a little cheer to those in need in our communities

Unfortunately not everyone gets to enjoy Christmas in New Zealand so for the fifteenth year running the Christmas Box project is asking Kiwis to give a little to help families who struggle at Christmas time.

We will have up to 700 Kiwis put their helping hands to work on National Volunteer Day – which is also our annual Christmas Box’ packing day in Auckland.

12,000 Christmas Boxes will be packed on the 5th and 12th of December. With 10,000 Christmas Boxes being packed and distributed in Auckland, 500 in Hamilton, 500 in Whangarei and 1,000 in Christchurch.

The Christmas Box is a food hamper that will cater to a family of 4-6 people, with the idea to cover a day’s worth of meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner with some treats.

“Christmas Box exists because we believe no one should be deprived the joy of sharing Christmas with their loved ones, and this conviction has seen the project distribute over 60,000 Christmas Boxes (food hampers) to families in need over the last 14 years. Come and be part of the project called Christmas Box and help us reach our goal to pack and distribute 20,000 Christmas Boxes by 2020,” says Lili Lemalu.

Each Christmas Box costs the project approx $30 (value of $130 worth of product). With twenty-six (26) products in the Christmas Box the food and treat seems endless. Also included is Tearfunds’ “One Helping Cookbook” with recipes costing 75c or less per helping.

This year the project is aiming to deliver 14,000 Christmas Boxes, across New Zealand and abroad, which will be distributed by over 100 Community Organisations including NZ Police, Salvation Army, Anglican Trust Women Children, SAFVPN, Waipareira Trust, low decile Schools, District Health Boards & other Community Agencies.

“Of course we are hugely grateful to the many sponsors, hundreds of volunteers and the Community Organisations who contribute in making the Christmas Box project what it is today. And we are aiming high…20,000 Christmas Boxes in 2020” she says.

A short video of last year’s Christmas Box Packing day and recipients can be found here:


Further facts

Of the 14,000 boxes this year the project is aiming to pack and deliver in the following locations :

• 10,000 in Auckland

• 500 in Whangarei (new location)

• 1,000 in Christchurch

• 500 in Hamilton (new location)

• 1,000 in Melbourne

• 1,000 in Cook Islands

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