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Future Climate Refugee Camp

Press Release – 350 Aotearoa

Today, 350 Aotearoa and climate activists from around the Pacific assembled and occupied a future climate refugee camp outside of ANZ banks flagship branch on Queen Street.Future Climate Refugee Camp to Spur ANZ Fossil Fuel Divestment

Today, 350 Aotearoa and climate activists from around the Pacific assembled and occupied a ‘future climate refugee camp’ outside of ANZ bank’s flagship branch on Queen Street.

The camp represented a future that the people of the Pacific are fighting hard to avoid. It aimed to highlight ANZ’s complicity in the climate crisis that puts all Pacific Island nations at risk, and to urge ANZ to divest from fossil fuels.

“ANZ is betraying the people of the Pacific, and ANZ customers by investing billions in the fossil fuel industry. To have a future in the Pacific, they must divest from fossil fuels,” said 350 Aotearoa spokesperson Saia Mikaele Maiava.

ANZ is the largest bank in the Pacific, and large numbers of Pacific people in New Zealand bank with them. They have over $14,130 million invested in the fossil fuel industry, and this year sponsored the widely protested Advantage New Zealand Petroleum Summit.
Maiava who is from Tokelau said that was essential for ANZ to divest to stop climate change.

“It’s very important for ANZ to divest from fossil fuels, as their investments are threatening our lives and our islands. Our land is the most valuable treasure in our lives and the impacts of climate change will destroy it. We don’t want this to happen and we will not allow it to happen.”

Despite ANZ’s efforts to present themselves as a responsible business, their branding of ‘leading the way into the future’ is tarnished by their fossil fuel investments that threaten the survival of the Pacific Islands.

Globally, the divestment movement is growing rapidly. This week it was announced that $2.6 trillion has already been committed to be divested from fossil fuels.

“How can ANZ banks across the Pacific maintain its business and development gains if another powerful typhoon or cyclone hits? How many branches will be swamped by rising sea levels before responsibility is taken? ANZ must stop their part in this and divest from fossil fuels. As islanders and Pacific indigenous peoples, we do not want to lose our home islands, any more than anyone would want to lose their home in any part of the world. We are not drowning, we are fighting,” said Milan Loeak, Republic of the Marshall Islands.

“ANZ say, “Your World Your Way.” We say our world, our way – is a fossil free future. Divest now!”.


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