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Vanuatu PM urges UN to investigate human rights abuses in West Papua


Prime Minister of Vanuatu Moana Carcasses Kalosil raised the question of West Papua’s status during the UN General Assembly. Image: UN Photo / Ryan Brown

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Report – By Pacific Media Watch

Prime Minister of Vanuatu Moana Kalosil Carcasses has called on the United Nations to appoint a special representative to investigate alleged human rights abuses in the Indonesian-ruled region of West Papua and its political status.

Carcasses said West Papuans had been consistently denied any sort of recognition by the world body.

“We are now deliberating on the issue of Syria, but when it comes to the issue of the rights of the people of West Papua, our voices are muted even on this podium,” Prime Minister Moana Carcasses told the United Nations General Assembly’s annual general debate recently.

Carcasses asked how international society could “ignore hundreds of thousands of West Papuans who have been brutally beaten and murdered”.

“The people of West Papua are looking to the UN as a beacon for hope… Let us, my colleague leaders, with the same moral conviction, yield our support to the plight of West Papuans.

“It is time for the United Nations to move beyond its periphery and address and rectify some historical errors,” Carcasses said.

‘Ignorant’ UN
The ni-Vanuatu Prime Minister said West Papua was “the victims of ignorance of the UN”.

“It is clear from many historical records that the Melanesian people of West Papua were the scapegoat of Cold War politics and were sacrificed to gratify the appetite for the natural resources which this country possesses,” Carcasses said.

In May, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay voiced concern over a crackdown on mass demonstrations in West Papua and called on the Indonesian government to allow peaceful protests and hold accountable those responsible for the violence.

“There has not been sufficient transparency in addressing serious human rights violations in [West] Papua,” she said.

During the crackdown, Indonesian police shot and killed two protesters on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the former Dutch New Guinea, occupying the western half of New Guinea Island, becoming part of Indonesia.

At least 20 protesters were arrested, many for raising the pro-independence Morning Star flag, Vanuatu’s Daily Post reported.

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  1. Rosemary McKay, 3. October 2013, 21:12


    How refreshing it is that the Prime Minister of Vanuatu is prepared to stand up and be counted about the human rights atrocities being committed against our West Papuan brothers and sisters. I salute him for doing so.

    Pity our own Prime Minister cannot do likewise (or even our Minister for Foreign Affairs).

    Instead this man is appeasing Indonesian sensitivities by taking an unusually tough line against protesters in Australia agitating for independence for West Papua:

    “The government of Australia takes a very dim view… of anyone seeking to use our country as a platform for grandstanding against Indonesia.

    We will do everything that we possibly can to discourage this and prevent this,” Abbott said.

    Well Mr Abbott I have news for you – you will never discourage me from standing up and being counted about the human rights atrocities being committed against our brothers and sisters by the Indonesian military in West Papua and boy have you got it wrong when you suggest that the people in West Papua could lead a better life and have a better future as an integral part of Indonesian nation.

    I challenge you, and your Foreign Minister for that matter, to reiterate that statement after you have arranged to visit West Papua where journalists and the Red Cross are denied entry.

    Go on I dare you.


    Viva West Papua Merdeka
    Viva The Morning Star

  2. Jeffrey.V, 6. October 2013, 13:12

    Let’s turn to God for the answer. In Acts 17:26 It was God who set the boundaries for men to inhabit. Not men or politic. No cold war politics or democracy greed is going to change that. Human lives are more important than resources or money. If my people seek and come near to me I will have mercy on them Isaiah 55:7. God is preparing something big, something eternal and of lasting value. West Papua must unite together in Christ Jesus and we will see this plan unfold.