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Gustaf Kawer: Legal team ready to assist KNPB Baliem leader

Article – West Papua Media

New post on West Papua Media Alerts Gustaf Kawer: Legal team ready to assist KNPB Baliem leader Simeon Dabi by westpapuamedia

New post on West Papua Media Alerts
Gustaf Kawer: Legal team ready to assist KNPB Baliem leader Simeon Dabi [1]
by westpapuamedia [2]

Tabloid Jubi [3]
by Benny Mawel
January 6, 2013
Jayapura (6/1)- The Family of Simeon Dabi, Baliem Valley Chairman of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), made complaints about the absence of a lawyer to assist Simeon, (a call which was responded to) by the Coalition for Enforcement of Democracy for Papua, Gustaf Kawer. Kawer said the team was now ready to assist the hearing of Simeon Dabi. (However) the readiness of the Coalition team for democracy can not be (automatically) realised because of funding constraints, according to Gustaf,

“Since the beginning we have shown the will to assist them (every trial of a KNPB activist) The problem is that we do not have operational funds for Wamena, “said Gustaf in response of complaints by Simeon Dabi’s family about detention proses, dossier creation and submission of the detainees from police custody to the prosecutor without a lawyer, Thursday (2/1).

Meanwhile, another lawyer, Olga Hamadi said she had not been contacted in the case of assisting Simeon during the hearing. However, according to Olga, they are ready to assist if the family contacted them. “I have not been contacted about it by the family. Later, when contacted, surely I will respond, ” said Olga Hamadi, human rights lawyer and Coordinator of Kontras Papua.

Previously, the family is hoping that the central executive of KNPB could help finding a lawyer who will assist Simeon. “We hope Simeon’s friends in Jayapura can help find a lawyer,” Simeon’s family said.

KNPB central executive members admitted that they already tried to contact a lawyer who will assist Simeon. The contacted lawyer is ready to go to Wamena. “We act at a level of coordination with the lawyer. The lawyers Gustaf Kawer and Olga Hamadi are ready to go to Wamena,” KNPB central spokesman, Rocky Wim Medlama, said to tabloidjubi.com, Thursday (3/1)

However, according to Rocky Medlama, there are parties who restrict them. “The lawyer is ready to leave for Wamena but there are parties who make problems about this,” Wim said on Wednesday (3/1).

Neither Gustaf nor Olga commented on this.

(Translated and edited for clarity by West Papua Media team)

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