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Again, Families Question TNI Legal Processes After November

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New post on West Papua Media Alerts Again, Families Question TNI Legal Processes After November Shooting Of Pastor Frederika Metalmeti by westpapuamedia

New post on West Papua Media Alerts
Again, Families Question TNI Legal Processes After November Shooting Of Pastor Frederika Metalmeti [1]
by westpapuamedia [2]

SuaraPapua.com [3]

by Oktovianus Pogau

January 7, 2013

Merauke, Papua: Anis Jambormase, a family member of female pastor Frederika Metalmeti (38 years old), is questioning the legal process against the shooting of their child in Boven Digoel, Papua, on 21 November 2012.

“We still have hope Danrem (KomanDan Korem or Battalion level Commander) 174/ATW from Merauke and the Commander XVII from Cenderwasih will close the legal proceedings.”

When contacted by Suara Papua (suarapapua.com [4]) on 7 January 2013, a statement was delivered by Jambormase in Tanah Merah, Digoel, Papua.

According to Jambormase, through Danrem 174/ATW Merauke, the TNI has confirmed one of the shooters was from the military. Accordingly, the TNI has pledged to fire any corrupt officers.

“Our family will continue to wait for the trial to take place in the Supreme Military Court in Jayapura”, said Jambormase.

Meanwhile, when contacted by the media this afternoon, Lieutenant Inf Jansen Simanjuntak from Cenderwasih, claimed all suspects had already been handed over to the military in Mahmil (Mahkamah Militer or Courts-Martial / Military Court).

Speaking on the telephone, “The military in Mahmil are currently going through the files. If they’re satisfied, the trial will be held in the near future”.

According to Kependam, since the beginning of the trial, the Commander vowed to proceed with the case. Any individual members who commit such acts will be severely punished.

“We ask for the family to believe in the Commander’s promise, he is not messing around with this case, the legal proceeding will take place”, said Lieutenan Inf Jansen Simanjuntak.

As reported in the media (Ironis, Dua Oknum Anggota TNI Tembak Mati Pendeta [5]) on 21 November 2012, two people shot dead female priest Frederika Metalmeti close to the police headquarters in Tanah Merah, Digoel.

A hospital official who had conducted an autopsy on one of the victims said gunshot wounds and bruises were found on the body.

There were three shots to the body: the head, the left chest and right arm. Sharp tools had caused bruises and cuts on the face.
When the national Commission on Human Rights met Commander XVII Major General Zebua Christian from the Cenderawasih military on 30 November 2012, he promised to severely punch rogue member of the military, and that a dismissal process will be considered.

(Translated by West Papua Media volunteer translators)
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