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The diplomacy of decolonisation – plenty of Pacific flashpoints to challenge officials

Paul Neaoutyine

New Caledonia’s Northern Province independence leader Paul Neaoutyine … negotiated contracts with South Korea and China. Image: David Robie/PMC

Decolonisation might not look like a hot-button issue but after Australia’s Security Council win the country will now have to start taking it seriously in the Pacific. A special two-part report.

Pacific Scoop:
Analysis – By Nic Maclellan

The successful bid for a rotating seat on the UN Security Council places Australia in an interesting place. Over the next few years, the country will be in the spotlight as the United Nations addresses hot-button international issues: maritime disputes between China and its Asia-Pacific neighbours; the prospects for Palestinian statehood; negotiations for a global climate treaty and a new compact to replace the Millennium Development Goals after 2015.

But closer engagement with the United Nations will also create a few thorny dilemmas on issues that receive less international attention.

One often ignored issue is the future of the UN Special Committee on Decolonisation and the lack of international action to complete the UN agenda on self-determination and political independence. Read more »

Ex-Soldier Joins Ranks Of New Zealand Film-Makers

Press Release – Eastern Institute of Technology

“Everyone in my class had relevant skills, whether that was technical knowhow, dancing talents or musical flair,” the 31-year-old says. “I’d hired DVDs from Video Ezy!” Read more »

Innovative Climate Change Project for Solomon Islands

Press Release – Secretariat of the Pacific Community

The Solomon Island Government has launched a pilot project that could have far reaching benefits for the Pacific region. In partnership with various national agencies, non-government organisations (NGOs) and developmental partners, the government will initiate an … Read more »

Major EU Retailer Urges Canneries To Process MSC Skipjack

Press Release – Pacifical

One of the largest retailers in Austria is calling on canneries in the PNA countries to start producing MSC certified skipjack tuna. The public action coincides with a statement issued last week by Anova Seafood, a major distributor of fresh and frozen … Read more »

Report for the 12th anniversary of UNSCR1325

Article – femLINKPACIFIC

Keeping the Hope Alive: “The Role of Women’s Civil Society Organizations in Contributing to the Prevention and Resolution of Armed Conflict and Peacebuilding.” Read more »

Summary of events in West Papua for October 2012

Press Release – The Australia West Papua Association

PO Box 28, Spit Junction, NSW 2088 Summary of events in West Papua for October 2012 Read more »

Journalist Attacked in Papua New Guinea

Press Release – International Federation of Journalists

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins its partner the Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF) in condemning the violent attack on a journalist in Papua New Guinea (PNG) on October 13. Read more »

Research into Entrepreneurship In Vanuatu

Press Release – Unitec

Research into Entrepreneurship In Vanuatu Unitec researchers were again part of the worldwide Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report, a survey of the entrepreneurial attitudes, activities, and aspirations of individuals around the world. GEM has been … Read more »

Dunne: NZ signs multilateral tax convention

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Evading paying tax has just become significantly more difficult, Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said today in announcing that New Zealand has signed the multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. Read more »

Meeting of the Council of Ministers on 24 October 2012

Press Release – Government Of Timor-Leste

PRESS RELEASE Meeting of the Council of Ministers on 24 October 2012 The V Constitutional Government met this Wednesday, October 24, 2012, in the meeting room of the Council of Ministers at the Government Palace in Dili, and approved: Read more »

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