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Kontras challenges Indonesian military, spy roles in wake of Papuan killings

Burning homes in Wamena after Indonesian troops allegedly went on a rampage last week in a separate incident. See link. Video: West Papua Media

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Report – By Jubi and the PMC news desk

In the wake of many shootings that have occurred this month in the West Papuan region capital of Jayapura and its environs, the human rights group Kontras has challenged the role of the Indonesian military and police and questioned the work of the state intelligence agency.

The coordinator of Kontras (Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence), Olga Helena Hamadi, said the police should investigate all the shooting incidents and reveal who was who behind them.

She said the TNI (Indonesian military), police and intelligence should work harder on this issue.

“It is strange that all these shootings  are occurring in the heart of the city, yet not one of the perpetrators has yet been arrested,” she said.

“The police should investigate these incidents. It is the duty of the police to safeguard the security  of our citizens. It is not enough for the police to issue statements saying that these incidents are the work of  OTK – Orang Tak Kenal or Unidentified People.”

If the army and the police were finding it difficult to  discover who was who are behind these shootings, civil society groups  should work in collaboration with each other to work out a solution, she said.

The chairman of BUK (United for Justice), Peneas Lokbere, said the police must have the confidence of the community.

“If they fail to reveal any of the forces that are behind these incidents, they will lose the the confidence of the community,” he said.

Albertus, a representative of the Franciscans  Secretariat in Jayapura, also said the police must reveal the people who were behind these activities.

“The police are entrusted with the task of  providing security and tranquillity for the community,” he said.

Albertus added that the shootings had created fear  and anxiety among the people in general which makes it difficult for the community to feel sure about their safety.

Source: Jubi – abridged translation by by the Indonesian human rights group TAPOL

Rampaging Indonesian soldiers ‘kill 8, wound 19’

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  1. Dale Lanan, 12. June 2012, 6:43

    Police appear to be under military informal commando unit gang control.
    There doesn’t seem to be the concept of justice at head of Indonesia today..
    There seem to be two books of law. One – one written and espoused but another like in the black market for forest removal and for keeping ownership of mineral rights..
    The people and nation of Papua are caught in the middle since the land devil’s division play at the time of Suharto and Kissinger and their agreement with the US and area nations during Vietnam War.. A time of land grabbing and fix of the mining royalties and strategic alliances of the cold war which would have hard power to trump all hopes of the Peoples of the land of Papua.
    Police and soldier and irregular keep the stream of money flowing to Jakarta. But the People of Land of Papua have an unimpeachable right to have freedom and human rights.. As Federal Republic of Papua