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Exclusive: Al Jazeera footage of Indonesian crackdown on Papuan congress – 6 die

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Report – By Step Vaessen of Al Jazeera and Pacific Media Watch

Indonesian forces have raided a national congress of the Papuan independence movement, reportedly killing six of its supporters and arresting hundreds more.

This exclusive Al Jazeera footage shows Indonesian forces opening fire as they clamped down on the three-day peaceful Third Papuan People’s Congress in the outskirts of Jayapura last Wednesday.

Human rights groups say at least six people were killed while police claim only two died. Seventeen people are reportedly still missing.

Human rights group Amnesty International is asking the government to release the leaders, who have been charged with treason.

Papuan groups have also requested that the United Nations investigate the violence.

The Indonesian government defended the security forces response, claiming participants of Wednesday’s meeting were committing a “coup d’etat”.

Journalists are banned from travelling to Papua, but Al Jazeera obtained exclusive footage of the raid.

Meanwhile, a full translation by the Indonesian human rights grioup TAPOL of the report received from KPKC, Synod of GKI, Indonesian Christian Church on 21 October 2011 says:


The Third Papuan Congress was held from 17 October and attended by Papuans from across the territory of Papua. After facing difficulties regarding the venue of the Congress, the Congress was held in the Zakheus Tunas Harapan Padang field.

On 19 October, Prokorus [normally spelt Forkorus] Yaboisembut was elected the President of West Papua and the evangelist Edison G. Waromi was elected the Prime Minister.

Following the elections, Prokorus Yaboisembut read out the Declaration of a New State, the Federal State of West Papua, the symbol of the state – the Mambruk Bird; the currency – the guilder; the national anthem – Hai Tanahku Papua; and the national languages – Pidgin, Bahasa Indonesian, local Papuan languages and English, and the geographic territory of the Papuan Federal State.

The text of the DECLARATION OF AN INDEPENDENT PAPUA **and the confirmation of the Declaration of West Papua which was read out by Prokorus Yaboisembut stated: ‘On this day, 19 October 2011, we proclaim the full independence and sovereignty  of our state’  and therefore the State of Indonesia must speedily end its occupation of Papua. All components of the leadership who were elected at the Third Papuan People’s Congress shall immediately discuss the basic principles of the State of West Papua.

Selpius Bobii, the chairman of the Third Papuan People’s Congress, declared: ‘We the people of West Papua in this highest forum declare that the proclamation of the Papuan National Committee on 19 October 1961which now marks its fiftieth anniversary, was a time when the Papuan people lived freely, during the era of the Dutch/UNTEA and we want to return to the sovereignty which once existed.’

The declaration of the Papuan Congress is as follows:

1.    The restoration of the Independence and Sovereignty of the Papuan people in the state of West Papua.

2.    On this day, 19 October 2011, we declare our complete Independence and Sovereignty  as the Papuan people and the state of West Papua.

3.    The establishment and enactment of the Constitution of the State of West Papua.

4.    The formation of the Government of West Papua shall come into being from the moment of the adoption of the Constitution on 19 October 2011.

5.    The Indonesian government must quickly end its occupation from the moment of the adoption of the Constitution on 19 October 2011.

6.    We propose that the Secretary-General of the United Nations and members of the UN, in particular the US Government and the Indonesian Government, should recognise and regularise governmental powers within the shortest possible time and register the state of West Papua as a member of the UN within the shortest possible time, in order to uphold human rights, democracy and just and basic rights in the world.

7.    We grant a full, official mandate  to International Parliamentarians for West Papua and International Lawyers for West Papua and supportive countries to advocate all matters with regard to the annexation of sovereignty and independence of the Papuan people and to follow this up through lawful international mechanisms or at the International Court, until such time as the full and complete transfer of power from the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia to the Federal Government of  West Papua which has already been established and formulated at the Third Papuan Congress in Jayapura-Portnumbay, the Papuan part of Federal State of the Republic of Papua.

8.     In the name of the Papuan people in the state of West Papua and the adoption of the Declaration of Decision No. 0012/03/10-2011 by the Third Papuan Congress, to consider and take cognisance of the general views of various components of the West Papuan people, as set forth in the reports of the commissions that were agreed at the Third Papuan Congress.

Source: Pacific Media Watch item 7680

Bodies found after bloody rally in West Papua


  1. Dale Lanan, 24. October 2011, 10:24

    The peace sign on the wall in Papua is the same peace sign worldwide..
    The declaration of independence and the election of government on the 50th anniversary of when the people of Papua thought they were free only to be smacked down by the influence of outside powers shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not by any people who value freedom in the world today.. That film of what’s happening needed to be smuggled out to help let the world know what’s happening is something free nations one and all should shudder to think about..
    There needs to be a great outcry for investigation, outside investigation of how Indonesia has treated the people of Papua and for the International Court of Justice to hear their plea to be recognized as a new nation free.

  2. Jason, 24. October 2011, 21:15

    The ‘free’ nations you type of are the very nations that promote and empower the present economic system that encourages Indonesia to control Papua and conjointly exploit its abundant natural resources with multinational corporations. Their ‘freedom’ is built on this modern colonial construct. Your plea will remain unanswered…

  3. Brett Hughes, 25. October 2011, 14:55

    Please advice how to aply for seasonal working in NewZealand.

    Regards Brett Hughes Fiji

  4. Dale Lanan, 26. October 2011, 5:18

    Jason there is a plea by the 99% who I believe think deep down inside that good triumphs evil if only people could see.. That history is written with comma at the direction we choose to follow now to help right past wrongs and face up to challenges of the future for the benefit of all.. All but those who would subjugate and subdue the freedoms of others that wish to do no harm yet need a path forward to make a living without war..
    Trouble has been brewing and it’s about to boil over if we don’t get off oil.
    Oil as a metaphor for all that is wrong with the present system that has leveraged power so long. Power of Nature subjugated as the rights of the poor.. So in all fairness your point is well taken but I think you are wrong.. People in power; there are those who disagree. Friends in high places.

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