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Political upheaval in PNG – O’Neill elected as new prime minister

Peter O'Neill

Peter O'Neill ... voted in as Papua New Guinea's new prime minister.

Pacific Scoop:
Report – By Malum Nalu in Port Moresby

Peter O’Neill was elected the new Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea today, being voted in by an overwhelming majority of 74-24.

He was this afternoon transported to Government House in Waigani to be sworn in by the Governor-General, Sir Michael Ogio.

O’Neill was nominated by Opposition Leader Belden Namah, when Parliament resumed at 2pm today, and seconded by sacked Petroleum Minister William Duma.

Bulolo MP Sam Basil closed nominations.

Forests Minister Timothy Bonga walked out in protest.

Several government ministers and MPs moved over to Opposition ranks today.

Ministers included O’Neill, Internal Security Minister Mark Maipakai and Minister Assisting Prime Minister Charles Abel.

Dramatic change
PMC reports:
The dramatic change follows uncertainty for months over the future of the government headed by the ailing by “founding father” Sir Michael Somare, which had been in power for almost  a decade  – the longest stretch in office by any administration in the country’s 35-year history.

Somare’s long spell in Singapore’s Raffles Hospital and discouraging reports of his health status provoked speculation about the future.

Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal had been struggling to keep the administration together.

Calvin Caspar of the National Broadcasting Corporation  reported:

Wild jubilation at the election of Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister this afternoon has led to the burning down of four houses by their owners at Wire Village in the Pangia District of Southern Highlands.

Wire village is near O’Neill’s village of Kauwo.

Wire Village court magistrate, Tame Tupai, confirmed the burning down of the houses in his village.

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  1. Chen Bei, 3. August 2011, 19:24

    I’ve checked Chinese coverage of this political twist. Fewer media outlets reported it. As Henry said on Facebook, i dont think there will be some improvement on the country’s political stability.

  2. Lima, 5. August 2011, 22:12

    Congragulations Prime Minister Peter O’Neill
    Right combination for a leader to strengthen ties between PNG and AUSTRALIA. Keep up the good work. Lima of Aussie

  3. lorraine luru, 24. November 2011, 13:39

    I know that Peter Oneil can make a huge impact in our country (in a positive way) he shows consideration, understanding, intergrity, love, respect and trustworthiness. He will make Papua New Guinea a better, safe, and secured country….