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Scoop and Pacific Media Centre launch new independent regional news site


The independent news website Scoop is hosting a new Pacific online media service being launched at AUT University’s Māori Expo in Auckland tomorrow.

Pacific.Scoop is a partnership between Scoop Media and AUT’s Pacific Media Centre and will feature stories by Māori, Pasifika and other diversity student journalists backed by reporters and commentators from the region.

“The idea is to produce a distinct blend of news, current affairs and analysis – a fresh and independent “voice” of the greater Pacific,” says editor David Robie, director of the PMC.

“We are keen to tell the hidden stories and address key issues such as climate change and resource development.”

Education, culture, creativity, environment, health, human rights, media, social justice, resource development, regional security and technology are some of the topics high on the new website’s coverage list.

Pacific.Scoop will have a strong educational focus and include a showcase of student journalism talent – such as AUT’s School of Communication Studies, Divine Word University in Papua New Guinea, National University of Samoa, the University of the South Pacific and others.

Dr Robie paid tribute to Scoop for initiating and supporting this project.

“Scoop Media is delighted to be involved,” says Alastair Thompson, co-editor and co-founder of Scoop.

“Since our launch in 1999, Scoop Media has reported extensively on Pacific issues. Our interest in the Pacific as an extension to our domestic coverage was blooded with coverage of the East Timor crisis and the 2000 Fiji coup and hostage-taking, which both occurred shortly after we were launched.

“In recent years Scoop’s Pacific reporting effort has been led by my co-editor, Selwyn Manning, and has become a key aspect of Scoop’s editorial mission.

“New Zealand is a Pacific Island nation and that is something that our news media often lose sight of.

“To partner with the PMC, and its director David Robie, in this project fulfils a long term ambition for Scoop as a news publisher.

“David’s experience in teaching journalism and reporting from the Pacific make his involvement particularly pleasing.

“This partnership will greatly increase our capacity to deliver news and commentary from the Pacific at a time when reporting resources in the Pacific are under great strain.”

Contact: Alastair Thompson
David Robie


  1. Sina Brown-Davis, 27. August 2009, 13:05

    Good, about time issues & news from the Pacific got a bigger profile in Aotearoa. Lets hope we also hear from the grassroots in the Pacific & not endless spokes muppets & ngo’s.

  2. John Utanga, 28. August 2009, 10:38

    This site’s a great Idea; congratulations to all who made it possible. It will certainly be added to my list of must-view Pacific News sites.